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Front Office vs Back Office Industry

In a traditional BPO setting, the services are usually segmented into two: the front office and the back office industry.

From both its root words, “front” and “back”, the front office refers to the staff which have worked with clients upfront. On the other hand, the back office refers to the staff providing support and works behind-the-scenes.

What is the front office?

The front office represents the customer-facing function of a company. It is composed of a special bunch of individuals who possess diverse skills with people and communication. They directly deal with clients every day and handle other services such as:

  • Marketing your services
  • Meeting with clients
  • Building relationships with clients
  • Screening and interviewing candidates

Why is it important?

Just like any other position in the company, the front office people play an essential role that nobody else could take over.

What is the back office?

The back office is consist of people who work behind-the-scenes. In a regular BPO company, the back office industry is still booming. It remains at constant demand because of its effectiveness and is also mostly empowered by the outsourcing sector.

Here are a few back-office services you can refer to:

  • Data entry
  • Content writing
  • IT services
  • Human resources
  • Digital marketing
  • Call centre agents, etc.

Front vs Back Office

These two are both important. They come in pair and surely, one cannot function without the other. However, there remain numerous key differences between the two.

Here are their top 8 distinctions:

back office industry

Although with contrasting roles and involvement in the company’s resources, each one provides a vital contribution to business growth. Both are also available for outsourcing. However, back office services are more likely outsourced than the other.

Businesses from different sectors choose offshore back office services to assist in their sustained growth and development. Those back-office services serve as the backbone of their companies because it provides support to the front office people.

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