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Top 3 Successful Back Office Outsourcing Tips

A recent study by the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) proves that the back office outsourcing trend will continue to grow in 2019. The survey shows that a whopping 70% of businesses are still planning to outsource their back-office services in the future. Thus, it is expected to remain relevant for companies in different industries.

Small and medium-sized enterprises alike consider this as the most convenient way of delegating their non-core tasks to an expert. It is also most beneficial for them as they can gain more time to focus solely on their core competencies.

Choosing to outsource your back office tasks guarantee a lot of conveniences for you and your business. But if you’re not too familiar with back-office outsourcing, here are a few important tips:

#1. Create a detailed plan before executing

Every strategy needs a plan and it is best to craft a
in outsourcing, planning thoroughly can create a huge difference with the expected outcome. As there are a lot of things to consider, you might also need the insight of your in-house staff. They could be thinking about an alternate solution or a different approach that could play an important role in your business development.

Another important factor is to agree on which tasks you should outsource. First, you should point out the pros and cons of back office outsourcing and then proceed on determining which services are better delegated to a third-party provider. After that, you can pick an outsourcing partner with stellar achievements and specialisation on your services to be outsourced.

Do not forget that building and strengthening a business requires collaboration from everyone.

 #2. Cautiously carry-out the implementation

Resorting to offshore back office should not be a spur of the moment kind of decision. After carefully planning everything with your most trusted staff, the execution comes next.

Now, when handling all back-office functions to your chosen outsourcing partner, remember to ensure a smooth transition. To do so, carefully develop an effective governance process and establish the hierarchy as to whose decision should be the final basis. However, you should practice open-mindedness towards every suggestion from your outsourced staff. One common mistake that companies fail to recognize is not listening to employee suggestions.

Another important factor to consider is dealing with a single back office outsourcing company, if possible. Businesses who have been outsourcing for long highly suggest dealing with a single outsourcing company. Based on some outsourcing clients, this method creates a more seamless experience for them as they felt more connected with their sole 3rd party provider.

#3. Keep your lines open

The last tip for a successful outsourcing exchange is continued supervision. To make sure that your outsourced tasks are going smoothly, you should know each and every step they make. Keep your communication lines open to monitor the whole process. Set up at least once every week to directly converse with your outsourced staff via phone or video call. This gesture would also help tighten the good-natured relationship between you and your outsourcing partner. In any case of misunderstanding or miscommunication, ask first for your team’s explanation and never jump to conclusions. Trust and respect between the company and client should be maintained for a more productive outcome.

Picking offshore back office services among all the options available is quite a risk to take. However, this strategy is highly proven effective and functioning than any other foreign method. Small and medium enterprises rely on outsourcing alone to help their businesses prosper. Big companies also seek for this strategy’s help to solidify their stance.

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