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Australian Businesses: Offshoring Fears and How to Overcome Them

Since the boom of business outsourcing companies in the Philippines, numerous startups choose to pursue offshore back office services in Manila. One of these countries is Australia. And like any other companies, there are unavoidable offshoring fears.

Outsourcing comes with a lot of dangers that can be avoided through smart understanding, together with rigorous planning and preparation. It would be best to prepare damage control ideas and take this potential outsourcing issues to heart.

Data Security

One of the most common fears that offshoring businesses have is security. Since offsite employees can access important information, there is an increased security risk for the business. This is why hiring a reliable outsourcing partner is vital. Many outsourcing companies today have installed CCTV cameras inside the production floor. Most of them also ban personal electronic and mobile devices during work hours which can only be accessed during breaks. Other companies even disable their USB ports to ensure that all data will be kept safe inside your company’s network. Monthly IT checks on the employees’ computer devices should also be a part of the continuous precaution.

Nowadays, data security is a key concern for all businesses and individuals. Most importantly that hackers are creating a rampage. That’s why it is important to find a trusted outsourcing company with reputation and capability to protect your data all the time.

Quality Output

The fear of low-quality output is one of the Australian’s concerns since services in the Philippines is cheaper than the local employment. However, there have been countless testimonies from other clients that Filipinos are truly smart and productive. Highly trainable and naturally skilled workers are the international perception of Filipino employees. It is because most employees are university graduates.

However, the country’s recruitment process remains to be of no easy feat. From a huge number of applicants through the recruitment process, it’ll be narrowed down to a few candidates. If short-listed, candidates will be called for examinations and a series of interviews. And then whoever passed the final set of examination and interview will be chosen for the position.

Cultural Differences 

Differences in culture between the outsourcing partner and the client might cause a huge misunderstanding, if not addressed properly. That’s why it is important to discuss this properly between the involved parties. Since business is a two-way street, proper communication is definitely essential. To reach out, you can try to include face-to-face meetings and video conferencing as well.

Adapting to any kind of culture is one of the Filipino’s best traits. People from all over the world commend this character as they easily get along with each other. This culture was gained through a long way back from the country’s colourful history. Up until this day, Filipino’s have embedded the traits that made them adaptable to any culture and situation.

Remember that when you’ve picked the perfect outsourcing partner, adaptability is just a small matter that should never be a problem.

The items listed above are only a few of the common offshoring fears that most Australian companies are concerned about. Careful planning and extensive research for the most reliable outsourcing partner is the key to achieving an incredible venture.

Now, always remember that you should never let these offshoring fears hinder the growth of your business. Be ready to test the waters and take huge leaps for the betterment of your company. Only then you can reach incredible development.

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