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Useful Tips on How to Enhance your Work Performance

The best time to reflect on your lagging work performance should not only be when the annual evaluation arrives.

Sometimes, we got this feeling that everything is just doing fine at work. However, your superiors might not think the same way. Now if you don’t appreciate people criticizing your performance, then maybe its time to assess yourself. We listed a few useful tips on how to enhance your work performance, before matters got out of hand.

Learn to manage your priorities

Managing your priorities should be the first step in improving your work performance. The ability to handle things quite well is a talent but also a skill that can be learned through intensive discipline. So, how should you manage your priorities?

  • Firstly, organize your tasks wisely. You can either create a weekly to-do list or a calendar-type schedule to help you. Go for whichever you prefer.
  • After that, you should allocate a realistic duration (including date and time) of when you think you can finish each task.
  • Lastly, think of a strategic way on how you should execute each task.

If you don’t know how to manage an effective to-do list, try the 1-3-5 rule and see how much tasks you can actually get done.

Gracefully accept feedbacks and criticisms

It is no secret that most people don’t appreciate having their flaws pointed out to them. Sometimes, how the feedback is delivered and who delivered it creates a huge impact on how criticisms are perceived. Now, to avoid misunderstandings and grudges, here are a few ways on how to accept feedbacks and criticisms:

  • Do not take it personally. 
    Most often than not, we unintentionally got hurt when someone points out our error. It hurts our pride and confidence in the process. However, we must learn how to accept it level-headedly. Remember that professionals are those who turn criticisms into opportunities for improvement.
  • Ask for specifics.
    To further understand your fault and to not take it at heart, ask for specifics. Display a manner of humbleness and openness to accept feedbacks so they can specifically enumerate which matter should you enhance.
  • Seek for advice.
    To avoid doing the same mistake twice, sincerely ask for solicited advice and suggestions on how you could further improve your performance.

Acknowledging your mistakes and correcting it is the right way to deal with feedbacks. No matter how good you are at what you do, incidentally committing a small mistake once or twice only makes us human.

Crave for new knowledge

Remember what our teachers used to say when we are in school? Never stop learning. Our desire to learn new things and acquire new skills should not end when we finished schooling.

Realizing that there’s so much more to learn than what we already know could be a key point for your never-ending flight to success. Here are some tips to supply food for our brain:

  • Join training and workshops
    Since the rise of the internet, even training and workshops are now available online. Now you don’t even have to show up at bizarre and far-away places just to attend seminars and whatnot. Learning is just a click away. All you need to do is take the initiative to enrol yourself on various online training and workshops. Who knows? You might develop an important skill that could play an important role in your long-awaited promotion. DBOS, being the people-oriented company that we are, offers a special series of training available for all employees – for free!
  • Pursue additional courses
    Look for additional courses you can take to improve yourself at your job and don’t hesitate to discuss it with your boss. Even if it won’t be approved, take them anyway if it can really help you take a step forward towards career growth.
  • Ask for recommendations on what books to read
    Reading gradually enriches one’s learning when done regularly. Not only it enhances our vocabulary and comprehension, but also our imagination. Getting exposed on a broader range of intellect will eventually work its wonders either at work or daily life. Also, more often than not, bosses are often impressed with employees who always seek improvement.

Continuously learning for the sole purpose of gaining something new is an impressive feat. Since the world is full of endless possibilities, your newly acquired knowledge could take you a long way. Remember that you have so much to gain and nothing to lose when you invest in learning.

Make use of the tips above to improve your work performance and ace every evaluation!

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