Top 4 Best Outsourcing Locations in the Philippines

Over the years, the Philippines continuously make headlines and breakthroughs in the world of outsourcing. In 2010, the country was then declared as the world’s BPO capital with 525,000 employees in call centres and $8.9 billion in revenue. After a year, numerous BPO companies started to open up their businesses in strategic locations inside and outside the Metro. That specific year started the progressively exciting year for the outsourcing industry.

With numerous contenders on the business processing outsourcing industry around the world, the Philippines soared high and has reached its peak in 2015. Formerly known as “the sick man of Asia”, the country immediately rose as the “tiger economy of Asia”, with outsourcing as its most income-generating industry.

However, not all foreign investors were impressed by this feat and some were even clouded by second thoughts. But then, a massive number of startup companies suddenly started to take risks and experience the perks of outsourcing their services to the Philippines.

PEZA special economic zones

Now, not just anywhere in the Philippines is a great location to outsource. There are strategic business districts in the country called PEZA Special Economic Zones. And out of all the industries under these economic zones, the BPO industry has benefited the most from it.

To date, there are 379 operating economic zones in the country which is mostly comprised of IT parks and centers. Most of them are located in Metro Manila, specifically in Eastwood, Cubao Quezon City, Makati, and Ortigas.


To build more of these economic zones, currently, there are 139 under development, 99 of which are IT parks and centres.

If you would notice, the first PEZA economic zones are all strategically located in places most accessible to the general public. This is also because most career-driven individuals move into the Metro as there are better opportunities than in provinces on the country. However, as more people move to the capital, it has become highly congested. To veer away from the already overpopulated Manila, more IT parks and centres are being built outside the capital. This move attracts more companies to invest in the country while boosting the economy, as well as tourism.

4 Best Locations in the Philippines to Outsource

Aside from the numerous benefits that companies can get from starting their BPO businesses in the Philippines, there are PEZA incentives. But to get those privileges, entrepreneurs should be familiar with the strategically-located economic zones that PEZA approves. Here are some in the Metro:

Cubao, Quezon City

Photo from ASYA Design.

Locations highly matter for businesses, especially for the BPO industry. Not only it is a great advantage for clients and customers, but also the employees.

Cubao has been a famous BPO hub since the peak of outsourcing because of its accessible location that entices great clients and talents. Since then, BPO companies in the area have been randomly popping up everywhere. And to continuously meet the ever-increasing demand of PEZA-accredited corporate offices, The Spark Place was built. Following the long line of BPO companies in the building, it also serves as home to DBOS for 5 years.

Nonetheless, there are only a few certified zones in the area. Some of which also includes the Araneta Center Cyberpark which has 2 towers with 33 floors of office space each.

Eastwood City


Eastwood City is a special case among all strategic locations for outsourcing in the Philippines. It is the first IT park and the first project to be granted special economic zone status by PEZA. Although technically, Eastwood City in Libis is still a part of Quezon City.

In addition to that, Eastwood is not just a business district, it is also a residential community that allows clients from keeping their home close to their business. With this, it has become a top dollar-earner in the Philippines over a couple of years. Accessibility wise, the ride from Eastwood to Cubao only takes a couple of minutes. If you live in Eastwood, there is a possibility that you might never move out because everything that you need is within its 18.5 hectares. High-end malls, entertainment complex, sports hub, and many more are provided in that location alone. These attractive features are the biggest reason why DBOS choose this location to build another office that will be launched this year.

Ortigas Center


Ortigas Center is located within the joint of Pasig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City. It is a central business area that is highly considered as the second most important business district that after Makati. Like other business districts in the Metro, it is home to many shopping malls, office spaces, and condominiums. Established for a very long time, Ortigas Center has been the headquarters for one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the country. It is also where one of the largest malls in the nation – SM Megamall is located.

The transportation to and from Ortigas Center is very easy as it is surrounded by the streets of Ortigas Avenue, EDSA, C-5 Road, and Shaw Boulevard. However, traffic is very bad in this area.

Makati CBD


As the leading financial district in the country, Makati is where the Manila skyscrapers are found. The country’s tallest office building is also in this area and is known as one of the most vibrant commercial districts in Southeast Asia. More than a hundred multinational companies listed in Forbes Global 2000 have also built their regional headquarters in the CBD.

Years ago, working in Makati was a prestigious achievement for job-hunting people. But as time changes, the Makati area has become one of the worst traffic-congested places, especially during rush hours. And although opportunities are there, talents are backing out because their travel time to and from work almost takes half a day.


If you choose to outsource in the Philippines, find a company that value things like travel time, locations-wise, accessibility to both clients and employees, as well as other factors that can affect on how your business will be impacted directly or indirectly.

With DBOS, you don’t have to worry about things like such. Our head office is strategically located in a PEZA-certified building – Spark Place Cubao and our upcoming office will open its doors in Eastwood – two of the most accessible business districts in the Metro. As we highly value the convenience of both our staff and clients, we only offer dayshift schedules. On top of that, we made sure to get the right talent as we help them save up to 70% on their labour costs.

Want to know more about our services? Contact DBOS today and get a free consultation with our CEO/Founder!