aussies vs filipinos

More Cultural Differences: Aussies vs Filipinos

Cultural differences and language barriers are some common concerns that international businesses encounter, especially BPOs. So they take the time to learn about their client’s customs and traditions to understand them better.

One good example is Australia and the Philippines. Until this day, the huge number of Australian-owned offshore staffing companies that are being brought in the country is continuously increasing. Despite sharing a few similarities on other things, inevitably, the Aussies and Filipinos are still divided by obvious cultural differences. And although they can easily adapt to sudden changes in the environment, the dissimilarities are too transparent not to notice.

Being aware of these differences between the two countries will help address the issue earlier or produce a better approach about the matter.

On our previous blog, we already mentioned a few cultural differences between the Aussies and Filipinos in the workplace. Today, we’re going to enumerate more of what makes these countries distinguishable from one another.

Check out our infographic below to know more about these differences.


Like in any other business setting, offshore staffing does not start without risks and difficulties. Most often than not, cultural differences, technical issues, traditional practices, and other things cause disputes between the outsourced staff and the employer if not handled well.

So if you’re thinking about building a remote Filipino team, you should learn how to overcome the cultural division. Once you do, then it’s the right time to find an outsourcing partner who can efficiently work for you and your needs.

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