Why Coaching is the Key to Successful Performance Management

Successful performance management is an integral part of every business. It can either make or break an organisation. Thankfully, there are various ways to achieve such a feat, one of them is coaching.

“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organisation’s valuable resources.”
– Harvard Business Review

Coaching in its best form plays a vital role in the company’s best asset – the employees. As they are the driving force of every business, their great contributions are a must. Skills, knowledge, and abilities all build up a great weapon.

However, skills, abilities, and knowledge are three different things. Acquired skills needed time to strengthen up, while abilities are natural-born talents and can do’s. On the other hand, knowledge is only an understanding. There is no guarantee that once you know a thing or two does mean that you can immediately do it.

Certain scenarios show that some employees were hired because their academic records are impressive but skills and abilities are lacking. This is why coaching is most needed.

What is coaching?

Coaching, according to Ed Batista is about connecting with people, inspiring them to do their best and helping them grow. It’s also about challenging people to come up with the answers they require on their own. Moreover, it is bringing out the best in people and broadening their horizons.

Most business outsourcing companies nowadays ditched the old leadership style and switched to a modern-day approach. Since the scary, cold, and authoritarian boss is no longer feared, more and more companies changed their strategy.

Several studies show that coaching, in order to be effective, requires mutual respect and trust from both parties. Others define it as healthy training.

Benefits of effective coaching:

  • Increased Productivity
    When you carefully select the right people and invest in their development as an individual, you are already planting seeds of productivity. A recent study shows that supporting and encouraging people increases their confidence and progress towards their goals. And before you know it, they are already actively contributing to the company’s growth.
  • Job Satisfaction
    All employees dream of a good working environment, including bosses who appreciate hard work. These are all associated with higher work morale, lower rates of absenteeism, burn-out, and bore-out. Close relationships with managers and colleagues also contribute to employee’s motivation to do better at work. In the long run, these factors would definitely bring success to both the staff and the company.
  • Adaptation to Innovation
    Effective coaching seeks to strengthen every employees’ level of independence. Thus, also being able to adapt to multiple changes in this highly competitive economy will help you survive in the end. This is equally accounted as to being proactive and always on the go.

Enumerated above are only a few benefits of effective coaching. On the other hand, there are a lot more advantages of coaching that drives to successful performance management.

Some people say that “there is no shortcut to success”, however true, there are tested and proven equations that work well on other companies. Even Google uses a simple framework to coach their employees and increase the percentage of effectiveness and knowledge.

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