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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource to the Philippines

Before 2020 started, an international market business insider listed the Philippines as the second-best country to outsource in the world. Despite the hundreds of countries that accommodate all kinds of outsourcing, the Philippines remain thriving.

Each country that serves as home to hundreds of outsourcing companies has a special subset of skills and expertise. Although they can probably take on a few tasks beyond their core strength, it would be more strategic to assign it to someone with in-depth knowledge and experience on the matter itself. According to the same survey, almost 80 per cent of businesses feel good about their outsourcing decisions and are expected to continually do so in the coming years.

Once dubbed as the Call Center Capital of the World, the Philippines has been considered as the number one source for outsourced agents in the world. So, if you’re contemplating whether to outsource your services to the Philippines or not, you should check out these 5 reasons why.


5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource to the Philippines

Every country has its own reasons why foreign companies decided to outsource their non-core tasks with them. While it could be because of the most obvious of reasons, the Philippines remains to be one of the most outsourced countries in the globe.

1. Filipinos are highly proficient in English

There is no doubt that the Filipino people are well-versed in the English language. Even the local vendors and drivers can keep a normal conversation going. Aside from that, the media also utilise the English language in news reports, newspaper articles, magazines, and more.

Students have also learned it in school as early as 2 years old. At the same time, their teachers speak a mix of English and the native language when communicating. Even in meetings, events, and formal written documents. Although not formally declared, English is considered as the second language in the Philippines.

According to the English Proficiency Index, the Philippines ranks 20th out of 100 countries that proficiently speak the language, and is 2nd in Asia.

2. Labour costs are cheaper

Outsourcing in the Philippines has one outstanding privilege that foreign businesses take advantage of, the low labour costs. They enjoy almost up to 70% less on their wage costs compared to what they might be spending if they opt to do nearshoring. Also, they have high regards to the Filipino quality of work and their ethics as professionals. So, instead of paying someone locally for the same skill, it is better for them to outsource that talent and pay less. It might be just a little amount for now, but when accumulated, could be more than enough to grow their businesses.

3. Almost 3 decades of outsourcing

As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”, the Philippines has a 3-decade history of outsourcing. Starting from 1992, when the first contact center was built in the country, slowly, the business practice flourished. Because of the surge, the outsourcing industry in the country hit the all-time high rank and was recognised as the top outsourcing destination in the world. Until then, the Philippine government came into the picture and supported the rise of the BPO sector. As it contributes a huge chunk to the country’s economy, they made sure to protect it by enforcing laws and policies that will attract more investors.

4. Strict data privacy law

“To protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth” is the main objective of the Data Privacy Act of 2012. It is designed to protect the client’s data by maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data while ensuring a free flow of information. It was established to attract more foreign investors and businesses to move to the country.

5. Filipinos are hardworking and talented

The Philippines has a highly educated and diverse talent pool which was evident in almost 200,000 university graduates each year. This number equates to the country’s 97% literacy rate. And in every field of work, the Filipinos are popular because of their culture of hard work and perseverance to achieve excellence.


Outsourcing in the Philippines could be your best move this year to help grow your business. You just have to make sure to meet a great outsourcing partner that will walk with you through success. Find an outsourcing provider who has the same goals and aspirations as you. If you’re having a hard time finding one, check out DBOS and get to save up to 70% on your labour costs today!  Contact us today and get a free consultation with our CEO/Founder.


Things to Remember When Choosing a Back-Office Outsourcing Provider

To remain at the top of this competitive world of outsourcing, there are two highly important things to always remember: to keep nurturing the relationship between you and your outsourcing provider and to find the right people for your outsourced team.

Now, we already know that the business process outsourcing industry is endlessly developing on a global scale. Its advancements in the past years will only keep on evolving as to cope up with the fast-paced change in the business platforms and rising technologies.

The global outsourcing industry will remain on contributing to their countries respective GDP. Startup companies and businesses of all sizes are still expected to flock on most of the sought after locations for outsourcing.

On the other hand, back-office outsourcing in the Philippines is expected to take up at least 34% – making the country as the top choice for digital marketing, content production, virtual assistant, web and software development, data processing, HR services, and other non-voice roles.

With these numbers, expanding businesses and growing competitors in the field became normal and are almost expected to happen every single day. Businesses who take the risk of amplifying their ventures are taking huge leaps in search for the most well-suited outsourcing partner for them. But really, how can they be so sure that their services are in good hands? Where did they found the provider? How did they come up with an agreement when there is little to no interaction between them before closing the deal? Is it only based on a few feedbacks and a lot of trusts?

Outsourcing red flags: How to tell if your provider is not good for your business?

While outsourcing is a great investment that can unquestionably do wonders to your business, it could also be your worst nightmare. That is why startups are second-guessing the power of entrusting their non-core tasks which are mostly back-office services to an outsourced team. Yes, the risks are high while the guarantee is not at all certain. So to help you come up with the final judgement, here are the red flags that say, “it’s time to find another back-office outsourcing partner”:


  • Different problems, same solutions.
    Different problems require different solutions, basic. But if your current outsourcing provider is applying the same solutions for every single issue, then that’s where you draw the line. Remember that a great outsourcing company is always willing to go the extra mile to provide solutions that are customised with each and every client’s issue.
  • Unmatched company values.
    Work with someone who has the same values as you and your business. If your outsourcing partner has a different way of handling your people as to what you have envisioned or what you have initially agreed upon, then you are on the wrong partnership. Find another provider whom you felt comfortable working with and is heading towards the same goal as yours.
  • Your provider is not transparent with you. 
    A reputable outsourcing provider practice transparency in all facets of how they do business. It is also the key to successful collaborations and long-term relationships. Now, if your current provider is irregularly sending you reports, progress, and current status of your outsourced team under their supervision, then that is a call for immediate concern. Take note that a great outsourcing partner must be practising a culture of openness.

Characteristics of the right outsourcing partner for your business

A buzzword that shares the same concept with finding the right outsourcing partner is known as rightsourcing. Technically, rightsourcing is about choosing the right source to accommodate your required services and helps you yield the best dividends possible. But what really does it takes to be the right outsourcing partner? Here are some of the most important characteristics to take note of:provider

  • Reputable track record.
    The right outsourcing partner is guaranteed to be trusted by a huge number of businesses. They never compromise the quality of their services and feedbacks about them are always superb. In today’s internet-connected world, bad reviews on companies are almost impossible to miss. So do your own in-depth research and background checking to be 100% sure before signing on an agreement.
  • Clearly communicates the budget.
    As one of the major factors about outsourcing, presenting the cost to a probable client is an important step that could both make and ruin partnerships. If you are expecting the best services from a high-end outsourcing company, then you should anticipate their pricing. But when you choose to partner with a small outsourcing company, then expect a lesser amount in pricing.
  • A flexible outsourcing partner.
    Flexibility is important when choosing an outsourcing partner for your specific services. They should be flexible enough to accommodate your needs and requirements, as well as can urgently provide support before coming up with an agreement.

The perfect back-office outsourcing provider

Among the hundreds of back-office outsourcing providers in the Philippines, there is one that would definitely be a perfect fit for your business. But before pooling for an effective outsourcing provider, you should list down the back-office services that you are planning to outsource. Also, take note of the benefits that you’ll get if you outsource your back-office processes. Here are some:

  • More focus on your core operations
  • Field professionals with expertise on your back-office tasks
  • A higher level of flexibility
  • Access to state of the art technology and infrastructure
  • Cost-effectivity
  • No hassle staff acquisition and retention

If you’re unsure of all the back-office tasks and services that can be outsourced, check out this list:

  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistant
  • HR outsourcing
  • IT support
  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Accounting services
  • Web/Software development

If the services that you’re looking for is not on the list, most outsourcing companies can also customise a role that would exactly fit your needs.

Remember that a perfect back-office outsourcing provider is the one that compliments your service requirements, goals, and vision. It should also continuously support your endeavours and the one who is willing to work with you to achieve success.

On the other hand, you must learn how to trust your back-office outsourcing provider and hear them out in times when you are in doubt. As they are fulfilling the duty of looking out for your outsourced team, you should also be open to communication all the time to achieve a harmonious working environment.


Back-office outsourcing can turn out to be the best business move that you’ll ever do when you meet the perfect provider for your business. All you have to do is make sure that it is a reputable provider with an outstanding history in their field. Learn to check for feedbacks and do your research too.

Now, if you want to meet an outsourcing provider with a good track record, satisfied clients, and a guarantee that can help you save up to 70% on your labour costs, contact DBOS today and get a free consultation with our CEO/Founder.

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Points to Ponder Before Outsourcing your Business Blog Writing

Deciding to outsource your business blog writing is easy, but finding the perfect person for your blogs may not be.

Most companies made the mistake of looking for the cheapest writer to fill the position. Only to regret it later on when things don’t work out the way they expected it to be. Now, the best move would be exerting more effort and raising the budget to pick the most suitable writer for your blog.

To help you avoid making the same mistake twice, here are a few points to ponder before outsourcing your business blog writing:

What kind of blogger do I need?

This must be the first question to pop-up in your head when you decided to outsource your business blogger. Before even deciding, you should have laid the specific skill set and requirements that you’re looking for a blogger. Doing so will help you be assured that whoever fits your standards will be indeed a great choice.

If you have enumerated the description of your perfect blogger in mind, the next step would be intensive research for a reliable outsourcing partner.

How much am I willing to pay?

Now that you’ve decided on the things that you’re looking for a perfect blogger, you should move on to the compensation rate. Ask yourself how much are you willing to pay for the standards that you’ve set. Remember to consider the working experience, academic background, knowledge, and accomplishments of your blogger in mind.

If you don’t have any idea on how much would it cost to outsource a blogger or a content writer, you can ask us here.

When would my deadlines be?

Deadlines and workarounds are important if you wanted to keep your blog updated. So before deciding to outsource your blog writing, you should work on a rough calendar as to when do you expect your blogger to publish his works? Would it be daily? Every other day? Or any specific timeline? You have to get this ready so you can check on your candidate if that works for him/her? Making this clear on your end would minimise expectations and unachievable deadlines.

Bear in mind that writing a blog post for a business requires content marketing skills. So you need someone who also has the knowledge and experience of SEO, keywords, meta tags, link building, driving traffic, and so much more technical stuff. Now if you’re not familiar with any of this, then you really need to look for a capable offshore SEO company who can walk you through all your concerns.

It is common knowledge that trusting someone to represent your business brand through writing can get tricky. At first, there is no guarantee of success especially when it’s your first-time to outsource. But if you choose the right sourcing partner, then you’re on the right track.

Contact us for a free consultation today!