Essential Factors To Consider Before Choosing A New Job

Deciding to look for a new job is a huge milestone in an employee’s life. It adds up to the possibility of growth, career development, and if lucky enough – the road to success. Its vital importance is something that we cannot decide on rashly.

The mere thought of choosing to leave your comfort zone, only to dive into a whole new world is itself, nerve-wracking. So, to help you determine if you’re picking the right company for you, we laid out a few tips and suggestions.

1. Look past the paycheck.

While a good paycheck is one of the huge reasons why we are working, there are still other factors to consider when choosing a new job. And though essentially important, it doesn’t always spell happiness. So you should somehow look past the paycheck and consider asking your employer as to what the position can contribute to your personal growth. Of course, you should focus on impressive paychecks, but do not solely target for it.

2. Do your values and principles align?

Another important thing when choosing a new company is to consider if your values and principles align with them. Though it’s hard to notice these things when you haven’t been in the company yet, you can always check the feedbacks and reviews on the company’s website or social media accounts. Also, during the interview, you could politely ask as to what the company believes in and how do they view their employees. It could also be a good point for you as they’ll realize that you are guided by a set of values and principles.

3. Are there growth opportunities for you?

One of the best parts during an interview is the questions about growth opportunities. Do the company sends its employees for seminars and workshops? Can employees learn other stuff that might be helpful for your cream of the crop? Or do they only let you stick to a single task and none other than that? After the interview, you can then evaluate if that company would let you grow professionally.

4. Do they exude passion for their craft?

Passion is probably one of the things that any person cannot hide. For an employee, doing what you really love and being rewarded in the end is the greatest fulfilment. So pay attention to your co-workers and notice if they had the same burning passion as you do. When people talk about the things they love, their eyes shine unintentionally. It is something that would probably be very obvious to not grasp. Only then you can be assured that your teamwork would work out for the best.

5. Office hours and transportation.

Before committing to a responsibility that you should meet, ask your employer first of their expectations about the flexibility of your working hours. And if you are not certain about coming into work on time, maybe you can negotiate other options as to not harm your records, as well as the company. Or better yet, find a job that’s not too far from home so you can always have a place to rest after a hard day at work.

Wherever you might be landing a job, always remember to love what you do. Give it your best shot and never hesitate. Your 100% dedication and hard work will be rewarded in the end. Just make sure to wisely choose the company that will value you as an employee and see your full potential.

Here at DBOS, we give our employees full guidance until they’re of the best in their field. We do not hesitate to trust them fully and appreciate their labour. We also encourage them to unleash their outstanding talents and work on improving it little by little. Maintaining a close relationship with our employees is also a key point for our company dynamics. In the end, we both benefit as the company and our employees grow together.

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