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What Your Competitors Can Teach You About Outsourcing

An old adage tells us that experience is the best teacher, but that’s only half true–I think other people’s experiences can be better teachers, especially in outsourcing. Instead of treating “rival” companies as arch enemies, you must take what your competitors can teach you as a learning opportunity. Take for example when it comes to digital marketing, instead of burning through your savings by trying out different marketing styles with trial and error, eliminate options that your competitors have already tested and failed in. Now, don’t take it as me saying “just copy everyone else’s homework!” There is a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, and that’s what this article is going to be about. 

company party

Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas

After partying on Halloween, Christmas is the next big shindig, especially here in the Philippines where we take Christmas seriously—too serious, in fact, that our Christmas celebrations don’t officially end until the first Sunday of January when it’s time for the Feast of the Three Kings.

Since the yuletide season is up ahead, we gathered fun ways to put the merry in “Merry Christmas” for your office party! These ideas can also work on other staff celebrations aside from Christmas.