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Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Outsourcing Partner

Selecting an outsourcing partner for your business will play a significant role in your company’s reputation and success. It is one of the decisions that must not be made overnight.

Putting your hard-earned money at stake, to start a small business is already a big step. How much more when choosing a company to partner with? This is why you should practice being extremely cautious before coming up with a definite choice.

To help you pick one from the pool of good business outsourcing companies, you must examine these factors.

1. The Company Background

Trusting other people to handle such important tasks on your behalf is perplexing. So you must find out tons of information about the company, the owner, their background, history, track record, and the management team that will directly lead your offshore team. Check if they have formidable experience and achievements to back them up. Make sure that your possible outsourcing partner has the abilities to spot skilled and qualified talents. If a company have an impressive background, you can then guarantee a swift and flawless workaround.

2. Pricing

Companies outsource their services mostly to save costs, so pricing comes next. It is important to avail the services with the best prices, but the quality of work should not be undervalued. Inquire on each vendor’s pricing structure and compare it with each other before deciding on which outsourcing partner to work with. Though the price is immensely important, don’t let it be the only deciding factor.

For example, (see the image below) notice the difference when offshoring with DBOS vs. the standard Australian costing.

outsourcing partner
*Rates are based on Annual Cost for a low ranking staff

3. Employee Retention

In an outsourcing company, most agents only come and go. But, employee retention is highly regarded as one of the most important factors in choosing an outsourcing partner. Some outsourcing companies implement impressive incentive programs to ensure that their employees’ hard work is well-appreciated. Others organise lunch outs, mini gatherings, and even team building activities to help them unwind. The ability to keep their employees for a long time says a lot about how they treat and handle their people. Happy employees mean a higher quality of work and a faster turnaround. So choose a company that value their employees.

4. Certified Outsourcing Partner

Guarantee that your chosen business outsourcing company is certified and registered. Although this occurs in a few rare cases only, there are still unregistered companies who are illegally operating. Not only they are violating their government policies, but it also shows how irresponsible these companies are. On the other hand, certified outsourcing companies who pay their taxes well and follows the rules required by their government are deemed responsible. So be extra keen on choosing.

5. Visit the Location/Office

Before finally sealing the deal with your chosen partner, make sure to do an ocular inspection on its location or the office. You have to see the place for yourself first before signing the contract. Pay attention to the staff, the production area, the devices used, and the whole office setup. Remember that an organised floor might be just a coy.

We hope that these factors will help you finally decide on to which outsourcing partner should you lean on to.

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