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DBOS Year-End Party 2019: Retro Night

Before the year officially ends, the Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions spent a fun and epic Saturday retro party at Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar on December 7, 2019. Entering the venue was like a flashback from the 50s up to the 80s as it was filled with handmade vintage decorations all over the place, whilst the ambience also complimented the theme.

dbos vinyl
The centrepiece of all designs – a huge handmade DBOS vinyl hanging on the centre stage.
glitzy silhouettes
Barbie, Lucy and Simon, our glitzy silhouettes adorned the centre stage.
signage post
The staff avoided getting lost on the venue with this very helpful signage post.
table setup
Everything is customised retro including our vinyl-inspired placemats and all other table pieces.

Far from the usual office setting, the party looks exactly like an overlap of generations as our staff partied the night away wearing their own interpretation of retro OOTDs. From the classy and elegant outfits to the hippies of that generation, everything was definitely on point.

The gorgeous ladies of Alpha team.
Team DKG with Jacqui and Daphny.
The Glimpers on their very groovy outfits!

The party has not even started yet but everyone was visibly excited with all the raffle prizes that were given on the same night. The winners are highly anticipated as loads of different prizes have been taken home by our lucky winners. But the happiest of them all, the 5 grand prize winners who won the best prizes for that night.

raffle winners
Raffle draws are not just made for anyone. But here are the few lucky people on the first wave of raffle draws!
raffle 2
Here are more lucky winners of the biggest prizes of the night!

The night is still young and everyone has kept their costumes and looks on point until the best-dressed awardees have been announced. But out of all the dazzling and eye-catching costumes, two of them have definitely stood out from every single person on that night.

best dressed
Best dressed female – Cheryll Ann Sigua; Best dressed male -Nelson Manglalallal

To hype the crowd and make them jam to the melody of the 50s to 80s, a specially formed DBOS band graced the stage. From the hit ballads to the grooviest dance songs of that era, they’ve got the music covered.

DBOS band

And before the night ends, the most important awards – the core value awardees were announced and was given their respective plaques. These are the role model employees that have shown remarkable output and attitude that live up to the company’s goals.

Core Value Awardees

Special appreciations and tokens of gratitude were also handed to those who made an effort to make the company’s year-end party even more memorable for every staff. But more than all the awards and raffle prizes at tow, the employees have mostly enjoyed the memories about that night. And until the party has ended, everyone has remained with high spirits.

Watch this video to see more of what went down during the DBOS Year End Party 2019.

Extending our gratitude and heartfelt thank you for all the client’s support, most especially the staff for the whole year. It was not an easy journey to be operating in the offshore staffing industry in the Philippines, however, we made it this year and we made it very far!

smart entrepreneurs

7 New Year Resolutions for the Smart Entrepreneurs

Before every year ends, smart entrepreneurs ensure that setting the goals for next year is already planned out. Without a detailed strategy laid out for the next year, it would be like travelling without a specific destination.

With 2020 just around the corner, smart entrepreneurs are starting to plot their business strategy for next year. Big plans like those should also be discussed with other think tanks in the company to get more insights and ideas for a more accurate action plan.

Moreover, fast-paced businesses like the offshoring industry in the Philippines and in other countries are taking their time picking the right resolutions. As important it is in choosing the resolutions, sticking with them is more crucial.

If you want to get an idea on how your resolutions as smart entrepreneurs should be, then check out our infographic below.

smart entrepreneurs

Manage cash effectively

For smart entrepreneurs, one of the major concerns that they usually ask about is how to effectively manage their business income.

For the next year, irregularities in cash flow should be addressed immediately.  Also, learn to consider alternatives to be able to cut back on the budget.

Improve your digital presence

Digital presence is highly important for businesses. Regular updates on your website, most especially on social media can create a huge effect on your digital presence.

Talk to your digital marketing team to come up with ways on how to ramp up your online visibility.


Get a financial expert’s help with your pricing concerns. And if you think that your products and/or services are worth more than what you are getting paid for, then try to revamp your rates. But before doing so, you must ask an expert to help you strategise and implement the new rates.

Increase manpower

Believe it or not, you can’t actually wear all the hats in your business, especially if it’s slowing you down. Remember that there’s always a space to delegate it to others. So, when you are having a hard time juggling every part of your business, then maybe it is an indication that you should consider offshoring. Although it sounds scary at first, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The only way is to address your offshoring fears and learn how to overcome them.

Better communication

Your success as a smart entrepreneur lies in the hands of your people. More than keeping better communication with them, make sure to also relay the exact message to your target audience.

Here are 4 types of communication to consider improving.

Challenge yourself

Set goals that challenge you mentally and not one that would challenge your business. Do not set goals just for the sake of goal-setting or one that you can complete easily for the sense of accomplishment. Make sure that the challenge for yourself will have a long-term effect on your business.

Give back

Do not ever forget to give back to the community especially when your business is doing well. Aside from the significant promotion that your business can get, the willingness to give back will go a long way.


The New Year prompts for a fresh start. And if you have made mistakes in the past year that makes you feel a bit regretful, the next year will bring you more time to correct all of those.

Let 2020 bring growth and new beginnings to you and your business. As for us here in DBOS, we will be opening another office in Eastwood to start the year right! And if you’re interested in growing your business too, let us help you reduce your wage costs up to 70% and get a free consultation with our very own CEO/Founder!