3 Trends Reshaping the Global Outsourcing Industry in 2020

Similar to recent years, the global outsourcing industry remains thriving amidst the unpreventable dangers of automation. It is said that 2020 is the year where change will be very much visible compared to the past few years.

Companies that want to stay ahead of their game needs to be ready for the new wave of outsourcing. Embracing innovation is one while creating meaningful partnerships is another. The teamwork between the outsourced staff, as well as the in-house teams, are also expected to continuously flourish.

The key trends this year are changing together with their respective industries. Threats about dangers in automation, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI), and more overwhelming technologies are no longer considered as huge threats. So, there are more rooms for improvement and top skills remain in demand which is expected to cope with the ground-breaking discoveries this year.

Know more about the three (3) trends reshaping the global outsourcing industry, especially to performing countries like the Philippines.



Businesses today continuously find the need for bleeding-edge skills that will complement the expertise that they are looking for. So, global outsourcing providers are upgrading the way they pool their candidates for any role. Globally equipped and competitive individuals in different fields are also being trained to become top-of-the-line talents that will provide impressive results to their clients. This trend is believed to be in demand this year and for the next years to come. As change is inevitable, the worry of coping with necessary requirements for talents, services, and technology is unstoppable. The only way is to upskill and continuously learn more techniques to improve the way outsourcing providers distribute their services.

In the long run, the need for bleeding-edge skills will be imminent and outsourcing companies should be ready for it.


Only a few businesses today acknowledge the power of referrals. But in the outsourcing industry, referrals are almost 60% sure to be converted into sales. This year, referral programs are becoming a trend. It is because they believe that nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend and that trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising.

Among the most advanced marketing strategies that are used by global marketers, referral marketing is highly recommended. As referrals become more on-trend, businesses these days are starting to plot their own referral programs. Clients that are satisfied with their providers’ services are encouraged to promote them within their network. Some outsourcing providers even prepare rewards and incentives for those who can successfully refer a new client. It is a win-win situation for everyone, including the referrer, the referred client and the provider.

But how effective is it? According to a recent study, 82% of consumers proactively seek referrals from their trusted friends before making a final decision. And this should be taken advantage by the salespeople.


In line with the rapid upgrade in technology, people’s skills and talents inevitably come along with it. So a more centralized focus on delivering highly commendable services for outsourced customer support, back-office services, web and software development, virtual assistants, offshore digital marketing, and a lot more.

Stronger collaborations are anticipated as clients and providers create are more willing to create a successful outsourcing partnership which enables them to share risks, responsibilities, and authority on both of their decisions. To reach a consensus, both should be working towards the same goal – which is to deliver highly commendable services without risking much of their authority as a business and a single entity.


These trends are reshaping the global outsourcing industry in 2020 and in many more years to come. Although eventually, more strategies and techniques will be discovered, for now, those three (3) will continuously become important determinants on how the future of outsourcing will constantly grow as an industry.

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